I love making websites with photographers, makeup artist, painters, brewers, bakers—you name it. I know it’s hard to make anything from scratch and I can help promote whatever you are creating.

Portfolio-Based WordPress

Portfolios can benefit many folks online: stylists, photographers, video and animation creators, painters, artists, authors, app creators—the list goes on.

Creative Global SEO

SEO and promotion are very tone- and industry-specific. International SEO can play a huge part in an artists’ reach online. Google accounts for only a fraction of searches outside the English speaking world, but using Google combined with Yandex and Baidu, you can be truly global in 15 minutes. No need for translations, just simple connections and a little in-market knowledge.

Creatives Know What They Need!

In many cases, all you need is the shell of your site and a little guidance. Then you can populate your site with content, while I make sure everything runs smoothly and we keep the SEO goals in mind at every stage.

I will help you take control and move away from rented portfolios

If you’re not hosting it, then it’s not really a website; the new trend of rented portfolios has targeted artists and is hurting their presence online.

The following are not advised as anyone’s primary business website/portfolio:

  • Cargo Collective
  • SquareSpace
  • Wix
  • Medium

Anything you rent from another is a rented template. WordPress is an open-source CMS where you control everything. All the rented platforms have limits and restrictions.