ClassicPress Hosting

ClassicPress is a new and pretty fast moving Fork of WordPress. ClassicPress is a direct protest to Gutenberg and a holistic simplification and focus on business for the WordPress CMS.

It’s been just over 12 months since it forked or split from WP and there has been a lot going on.

I am installing demos and testing this new CMS as much as I can, but I have been waiting for a few key components to come as paid/supported services. Hosting, themes and plugins are my focus and thankfully this week ClassicPress Hosting is now available.

What I like so far about ClassicPress

  • The CP Community is driven by business use cases
  • Folks contributing are builders/doers/designers – ground troops
  • ClassicPress are building a CMS, not trying to float a company for IPO or make their offering more merchantable as I feel WordPress are
  • The voices are more sane in the forums, discussions dont seem to get shut down as they do in the main WP github, see the SVG conversations for example, how can a CMS not allow SVG uploads in 2019?
  • Its far more EU focused
  • Blogging gimmicks are not the focus
    • The CMS has been de-Matted removing hello dolly and all the other annoying cultish stuff, the Jazz references I really hope will not make it in (Love the music dont get me wrong)
    • Overall I see a better future and a way more democratic potential, WP has lost its way in 2019. Gutenberg is a serious case of Gamblers Logic, for a years worth of development as a Product Manger in previous roles, I cannot see how it has not been shelved. At present is 10-15% of what a user needs and the remaining is very odd use-cases and even odder UI. Simple has been reinvented into bizarre.
  • They are a nice bunch, the WordPress admins are becoming more and more police for the corporate tone and goals, there is no longer a real WP community, I see it as Automatic and fan boys, then the rest of us who just think of it as a CMS not a way of life

Where it needs support and growth

  • Hosting – This is now checked are now offering a type of managed hosting, which I will be reviewing very soon.
  • Themes & Builders – Also checked now at
  • Forms – I would love to see come in here and I think they are the perfect partner here, as they are so focused and their plugin is so business focused, no gimmicks pure CRM driven and generates the best forms bar none.


  • This is new, all of it, the concept the CMS etc
  • I am not citing this as a working non beta CMS, I am just following it very closely and where possible running tests
  • No two web use cases are the same but most share 90% of the same tech needs, this CMS is not one I can say is stable or that it runs well, no one can its in very early version
  • In many ways WP cant have the following 100% OKed or trusted either, but its in the last 3-4 years become far better stabilized by good themes, plugins and hosts, the irony now that the new core editor is the only unstable portion is not lost on me, but hey now we have ClassicPress
  • Never take a risk with a plugin, CMS or gimmick, they all generate simple HTML, CSS and JS at the end of the day, which can be done in a text editor, every CMS is a gloried ‘light brite’ for marketers 🙂

I want to try ClassicPress

  • Me too! Get in touch I will offer a sizeable discount to the first few CP sites I develop, equally I need clients here who are part of the initial fork and conversation
  • I would have a think about this first CMS here is like VHS vs Beta Max if CP tanks you fail with it, equally the WP road map is not one anyone can get behind in 2020 either

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