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Did You Know Twitter has a Validator?

Before you tweet validate, repeat after me. If your using twitter well as a business owner its to share your own content, and then hopefully have it shared and linked to. Most of us merrily are wondering around twitter liking, RTing and so on. This is fine for you as a person, but you as a business is a different thing.

First things first are your pages twitter worthy at all stage one is to test this:

This also puts the link on twitters radar, and will mean that delay as you add it before it gets its image etc becomes smaller. What goes on in the background doesnt need to be speculated on but its best with new content, i.e. your own new posts that you test.

Here is a clients post being tested today before going live:

You can also change the image layout as needed:

You can see this post has a slightly different layout when shared, this is by design. You can share this post on twitter or check the validator. You might notice we dont have social share buttons and widgets, I don’t advise these and will have an followup post about this soon.