“I want to get a website built. What do I need to start?”

You’ll fall into two brackets here: Either you have a site you need to make changes to, or you’re starting fresh with a brand new project.

I already have a website

If you already have a site, that’s great. Please send me the URL and I will review the following:

  • Hosting and SSL
  • Domain and IP
  • Speed
  • SEO compliance
  • Mobile-first design compliance
  • IA and UX
  • Keyword placement tracking

I’m green as the grass—this is my first site

With a new site, I advise the following:

  • A domain name with a strategy or strong brand connection
  • A dedicated IP for the site and a CDN
  • Managed WordPress hosting rather than generic web hosting
  • An initial campaign and launch to brand yourself and gain an initial SEO niche
  • 3 to 10 pages of static content
  • A blog to help with any social or content marketing you plan
  • Competitor and keyword analysis, especially for a new product or service launch

Managed WP Hosting, CDN & SEO-Friendly Domains

Step 1 is to get you set up with solid hosting and a domain that works for you and your SEO goals.

If you already have a great WP host and an SEO-savvy domain name, that’s great. I can make sure all is correct and you’re getting the speed you need to convert your visitors.

Navigation, UX & Information Architecture

I can help you map out the hierarchy and taxonomy of your site and products.

How you organise your site has a direct effect on your SEO rank and online presence.

Page Text Content: SEO Copywriting & Language Quality

Text typically makes up the majority of site content, with the exception of some artists’ portfolios. “Content is king” is a tired adage, but as the web moves 100% mobile, it’s becoming more relevant.

Any business with a competitive SEO niche needs to use content as a tool to help SEO and overall conversion. Most small businesses can elect a staff member to write content. A professional copywriter can be employed, too, and I often work with them.

Rock Solid WordPress Theme & Plugins

I use only the best plugins and services. Since WordPress has so many users, it’s frequently being updated, making quality plugins even more important for your site.

All my sites come with GravityForms, WPMUdev Smush, Defender and Hummingbird, a licensed Envato theme, managed WP hosting, CDN, and SSL. I only use paid plugins from WooCommerce. All are licensed and compliant with GDPR and CASL.

Mobile-First Design

I build everything with a mobile-first logic. Sites need to focus on the newer speed and syndication over gimmicks and flash. Let your content and images shine in a perfectly composed mobile-first layout, all while being 100% SEO compliant.

Your theme can easily be tweaked and edited. Once the framework is created with SEO and speed in mind, you can continue to edit or create new templates, either going the DIY route or having me help you over time with training or tracking.

SEO-Focused Page Templates

How content is laid out is as important as the message it conveys. There is now a newer SEO movement. On top of the tags and metadata, there is a new drive to integrate into the Internet of Things.

This is being seen as www.schema.org and other code initiatives that result in richer search results. If you search for a movie or celeb, you will see these richer result sets.

Build your site to index first and with features. This will help you stand out from the crowd in search results.