Remove the Bloat from Yoast

July 19, 2019
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July 19, 2019 Niall Flynn

I will focus on how it should be setup then intro a plugin to disable what it terms the ‘bloat’.

Yoast should only be used for:

  • Adding meta to pages, products and posts
    • Either individually or
    • using a template
  • XML generation
    • Only for pages, posts and products
    • Be very careful Yoast by default will set every facet of your site to index
  • Schema additions
    • These are limited, I would use the defaults
    • Avoid the auto generated ones
    • Learn about schema and add the JSON in content your self
    • There are multiple tools for testing

The Features I dont Advise

  • The length checker, you can use a simple search engine check and common sense here, this part of the tool slows the editor or SEO down a lot
  • SEO logic, via focus keywords, this encourages keyword stuffing and is a bad way to train SEO, understanding and being an ethical SEO are core to success online
  • Link analysis, this fosters an idea of interlinking, backlinking and other unnatural patterns, there is no magic and no tricks
  • Its file editor leaves a security issues and you can create a robots.txt very easily without this feature

Download these Plugins

Both are free and highly advised.

Hide SEO Bloat

Yoast SEO

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