Revolut & WooCommerce

Revolut is a a new way to get paid online, what I like is its not greedy and seems to be a fair price/free for a lot of transations. I wont be mentioning rates etc here. Today I want to talk about a way to integrate Revolut With WooCommerce.

Setting Up To Use Revolut as a Cash Payment Type in WooCommerce

  • First things first you need WordPress running WooCommerce
  • If those are new terms this post is not for you
  • At present there is no plugin for Revolut so you can convert your Cash on Delivery option to a simple way to get paid via Revolut
  • Once you receive an order you can then process it via Revolut

What this looks Like in WooCommerce backend

In WC you setup a simple section for COD or you can just re-title the COD option like below:

Then you can just change the COD option to be Revolut, I think the more we see these newer setups as cash the better, no middle man no fees 🙂

The above redacted areas obviously wont be there, you add your own name and message here. You could even link the user to a page, how it works etc to explain more about how to pay via Revolut. You as a business owner then can signup as an affiliate and get paid instead of paying PayPal or Stripe the 1-5% they charge.

What a Customer Sees

A simple option to pay via Revolut, they dont transact via WooCommerce exactly but the order is made and you can then followup once payment comes over.

There is no link from Revolut so there is a small amount of manual labour, but when you save 3-5% on your bills and dont need to pay a middle man/company it becomes a happy task.

How to Get Paid via Revolut

You can set this up in a bout 5 minutes, its a very simple no plugin useage of WC and Revolut, I have seen some bizzarely complex integrations with Google sheets, think cash with an App, this is revolut. Have fun!