How to Setup SiteGround Managed WordPress Hosting

A guide for my clients to help them with the steps involved in setting up managed WordPress hosting on Please note all links in this post open in a new tab/window.

Step 1: View & Choose a Package @

  1. Head to, please note this is my affiliate link.
  2. Next navigate to the WordPress Hosting page here:
  3. You can use the links below if you know what package you want:
    1. ‘GrowBig’:
    2. ‘GoGeek’:

Please note this site operates a geography based redirect, so if you have a UK ip you may be shown non Euro prices. In the footer of the website you will see a region changer:

For my US or Canadian clients they should see the same. IP based user location detection is flawed, as more and more folks use VPN now too it is less of a good idea in general.

Step 2: Associate a Domain with the Hosting

Once you have added the product to the shopping cart from step 1, you will be presented with this screen:

  1. The first option, is an up sell, to offer you a domain as you signup, SiteGround are a perfectly fine domain registrar, but in most use cases clients come to me with a domain already purchased
  2. If you want to register a .com domain this can be done at the same time, I would not advise any person register anything other than .com unless a very specialized local provider or niche micro site like this one
  3. In most cases you will want to check ‘I already have a Domain’ option and will then see the screen below:

  1. The second option is for an existing or already purchased domain, here is where 99% of my clients will add their domain
    1. A domain name is the for example the bold portion of this link:
    2. Here you add or
    3. Once you proceed you will be sent to the payment details screen/portion of the process

Step 3: Pay for Your New Hosting

As you enter this phase of the shopping cart you will see the live chat:

The support staff in SiteGround are very helpful and knowledgeable. 24/7 Live chat in this part of your eCom process is also a very good idea for any person owning an eCommerce website, take note.

Folks get stuck in this final phase and may need live chat/phone support as they buy or to help them complete the payment, this is a great idea to implement into your own site.

This section should be very simple, add all the requested info for payment and account signup.

  1. You will be presented with all the usual credit card and account setup info
  2. My advice is to use an email you have access to that is not connected to the domain, a gmail or ourlook email is perfect

  1. The fields will all be very standard, until you reach the panel below:

In order the following is advised:

  1. Plan: This allows you change the plan if you want to upgrade/downgrade, or if you choose the wrong option
  2. Data Center: This is the location of the hosting. If in the EU/UK choose an EU server, if in Canada/US choose a East or West Coast option
  3. Period: My advice is not to over commit, most clients choose 12 months, there is a great intro offer, but this is not always a good idea for a startup, please consult me on this if unsure
  4. Price: This will show a sub total, ex of VAT/GST/Sales Tax. SiteGround do not seem to remove tax for VAT registered EU clients, but will send a valid VAT invoice, please note this is not financial or accounting advice
  5. Extra Services: The SG site scanner, is a great tool, but not one I would rent. Most folks are familiar with malware scanners on Windows, but web servers have this idea also. I can suggest better tools that are not rented, please leave this option unchecked

The only exception to #5 above, is a site already hacked/infected, or one being actively attacked as the hosting is being swapped

The final pay now section, seen below, completes this tutorial and the steps needed to signup.

Please complete all phases to pay and once you are sent a confirmation email then you know your hosing is ‘live’.

Step 4: Share Login Details

  1. Once your account is live/payment is taken and you can login, you will then share these logins with me or associate my email with the account, but your portion of the process is now done, you can hand over to me and I will complete the hosting setup.
  2. Send me the username/email and password you used to create the account, please note these will be updated later, I only require a one time access to setup the domain and WordPress/WooCommerce

For folks not my clients I am happy to help them switch hosting with some general advice. The final stage to associate a domain with hosting is to point its name servers. This tutorial will not focus on this but it is very easy then to connect the hosting to a domain that is new or being purchased.

Please do not enable 2 Factor or ‘2FA’ until I have accessed the hosting, but after I have setup the hosting you can change the passwords and add the 2FA and or the App layer of security offered by SiteGround.

Further Reading

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