Small Business Websites for Irish Businesses: The 3 Hour Website

There has been a lot of grants and new web companies popping up over-night, while Irish businesses need more affordable services, the Internet has answered with a price gouging like none I have ever seen.

The €2,500 Website

Before you start reading no one should be paying this amount for a small brochure or eCommerce website, even with a year’s hosting and domain this is still a complete rip off.

What a website should have

  • Simple WordPress hosting, checkout some prices here all include hosting and a variety of handy things like SSL, CDN and image compression tools
  • A huge warning avoid LetsHost, Register365 and especially Blacknight hosting, all of the Irish web hosts have massively inflated costs and all have hidden extras like SSL, which is core to web hosting and should be offered for free
  • A premium WordPress theme
  • A premium ‘Page Builder’, not Gutenberg or any free page builders
  • A professional set of plugins/add-ons, reliable and supported

What a small business website should cost

  • 1-3 Hours (Less than €300) –  A simple one or two page website or landing page
  • 3-5 Hours (Less than €500) – A small site, with 4-5 pages, a contact form and a blog
  • 5-10 Hours (Less than €1,000) – A larger site, 5-10 pages, a blog and small eCommerce with 1-5 products
  • 15+ Hours (Less than €1,500) – A very large site using pages, posts and products with 30-50 units
  • All should include a well made page templates and have SEO at it’s core
  • Every site should be backed by a competent WordPress host, a CDN, Image compression, SSL/padlock, backups and PHP updates as required

Hire a Professional WordPress Developer

I build a couple of hundred websites every year, for every size business from big to small. I can help you save money and launch day one with an affordable and reliable site. Don’t pay wasteful maintenance fees, instead get decent WordPress hosting and a reliable setup that will last 5-10 years and beyond.