Stop Publishing on Rented Platforms

July 14, 2019
Posted in General
July 14, 2019 Niall Flynn

With G+ being no longer available to the public/dead it highlights again a trend of rented services. The real impact of G+ was felt when eBlogger users lost 5+ years of comments on their blog posts. But this is not a new trend, rented websites, blogs or general rented platforms are as old as the internet and online publishing itself. When the web was young they were made by good folks to help with complexity and teach a merchantable skill set. Today they have evolved into controlled, limiting and very misleading bebo profiles from the late 1990s.

What is a rented platform, why are they s bad?

Facebook, twitter etc are all micro platforms/blog models which have evolved over time. There has been the idea of rented sites ever since geocities, they all seem to fail longer term. I personally feel they are all some sort of cash grab and here is why:



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