Stop Using Cheap Hosting!

This is something I say to nearly every client I meet. VPS and GoDaddy style shared US hosting is the worst way for a business to save money.

If you are an Irish business you have a unique set of challenges as literally no one (home grown hosting) is supplying decent WordPress Hosting for sale in Ireland. You alas have to go to the UK. There are a lot of folks BUYER BEWARE reselling hosting in Ireland, this is not what you or any business needs.

WP Engine, Amazon, WPMUdev, RackSpace and some other hosts out there have great managed WP hosting, but the small web hosts are clinging on for dear life.

My Review of:

Your Website will be 2-10 Seconds Slower on Cheap Hosting

This is not my opinion it is a fact, I can share reports with you as you move from your current host and show you the same site on different hosting loading far quicker.


  • Web hosting is generic
  • Resources are shared and not always capped
    • If a site in your shared network or server gets attacked or very popular, your site then gets slow
    • You also then can have bad neighbors, which can have serious SEO issues
  • Shared hosting is local so spikes are always at the same time
    • A local Irish host will have only Irish clients, most will have the same busy periods, so your site is slowest when you need it most
  • Shared hosts are cautious, limiting sites to keep the usage low
    • Their model is often rented servers, you not using your site is the best type of customer for them
    • This extends to support models too, support is less active and less actionable, most of the time you are consoled but the issue will not be resolved

Managed WP Hosting is now as low as $40 a Month

You will save this money in a year by not having to:

  • Hire a WordPress developer to help you update
    • This is the biggest issue I see folks paying for updates on slow hosting, on a CMS that is reliable if well hosted
    • This will save you the cost of the difference in the price of hosting
  • Speed, caching and a generally speed WP backend will save you hours each year, the whole thing is a saving wrapped up in an increase.

Results & Speed Tests

Below are the facts of cheap hosting, slow and sluggish front ends, unresponsive backends. Adding caching plugins only then compounds this issue and creates a maze for spam and malware to hide.