WordPress.com Billing Issues? – We are Not WordPress Dublin

I get a good few asks from confused folks who find us via Google for the term WordPress Dublin, when they have a billing issue with the parent WordPress company/WordPress.com

If you have been billed and see “WordPress Dublin” or similar in the charge notes on your statement, and are wondering “Who is this, I never signed up to this!” it is not us 🙂 but we can help you track it down.

Steps to cancel an automated billing from WordPress

  1. Login and check here https://wordpress.com/me/purchases
  2. If you cannot login, head here https://wpchrg.wordpress.com/ with the info from the payment and there is a handy form you can fill in to either resolve or contact WP directly
  3. Get in touch with your bank or cancel the payment at source

Much as we are more than happy to discuss any of our own invoices, this is not us. So please understand if this post is the only help we can offer.