WordPress and SEO is what I do. I have been an SEO now since 2007 when I worked on the Lisbon Treaty fresh out of college. Since then I have been building sites, traveling and working full time.

WordPress SEO

CMS specific SEO has always been the way I approach ay web project. I have worked with them all and I have had great SEO results using:

  • Kentico
  • Drupal
  • Magento
  • Adobe Experience Manager

Technical SEO

I have often wondered, sometimes out loud, about what a non technical SEO is. I focus on every aspect of the stack but the technical aspects of what make a site tick and rank are my specialty.

International SEO

Design, Development and SEO in one Resource

Enterprise Scale WordPress

SEO Project Management

Vendor & Budget Planning

Hire a Freelance WordPress Designer, Developer & SEO