Is your WordPress theme about to expire?

I specialise in taking old, hard-to-use WP themes or front-end designs and restoring them.

Is your theme starting to fail you?

WordPress is in constant flux, and the art of theme building is now an industry. Today, there are many individuals and small teams that build WP themes for folks like me to help businesses like yours. Envato’s marketplace, ThemeForest, is the main theme sales marketplace online.

If your theme is failing you, I can help you move to a new supported theme for a very small cost.

Is your website slow?

Hosting is most likely the reason, but the way your theme is developed is also a huge part of this. UX, or User Experience, is all underpinned by speed. A theme change/update will always help lower load times.

Is your site poor on mobile?

Mobile-first is now the only design logic for a small business. If it is built to work on a small screen, it will work on any screen.

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