WPMUDev Hosting Review

WPMUDev make some of the best WP plugins out there. They are most known for WP Smush and now they have a superb WP hosting, which I chose to host this site on.


  • The fastest sub $50 a month hosting I have seen in 15 years
  • All their tools are native to the hosting
    • Image CDN hosting
    • CSS and JS minification, caching & CDN
    • General minification and optimization is a given
  • Little to no setup for speed to be top class
  • If you use their plugins the hosting is free for 3 sites this is a real pro for this service


  • Form deliverability takes some work
  • Its more of a developers tool, support is less polished than others
  • I have had mixed results and longer wait times than other managed hosts
  • All my issues were resolved and compared to standard hosting this is excellent support and even WP dev level support will be given to a point


Average Page load times: Under 1 second

My Score

This is as a combined service the best value hosting, image CDN and compression tool. It also has some really handy use cases for high traffic blogs. Saving you the need to use image editing tools. The new image resizing and CDN serving has set WP Smush in a class of its own. It is the #1 must have plugin for any web site. Images are the largest asset on most sites and this will decrease load times on any site. Also the live compression of images and the new serving with the HTML5 WebP formats is another in the long line of new additions with no extra charge.